Thin Client Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows CE version 3.0 or later. Apple iPhone.  Windows 95, 98,  2000, 2003, Vista and XP can be used.

Web Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer (ASP enabled) for Windows CE and Windows.  Safari for Apple iPhone.

Display Resolution:  200 x 200 minimum. 

Communications Service: TCP/IP Protocol

Communications Speed: Wireless Ethernet, T1, DSL, ISDN, serial
(33 Kb/sec, 56 Kb/sec, 128 Kb/sec) and ADSL supported

User Security Privileges:
No installation of software is required.

Web Security: WebAccess supports Anonymous Access, Authenticated Access ( Integrated Windows authentication) and Secure Communications including Certificates, Secure Sockets and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

Note - The Thin Client interface supports static snapshots of graphics (GIFs and JPEGs). Each time the refresh button is pushed, a "snapshot" of the animation is made. Thin Client Displays do not update automatically. It does not support animation, pushbuttons, or drag regions (slider bars). Thin Clients require a continuous connection with the Project Node. Many thin clients will require an increase in  the licensing requirements of the Windows  2000 Server  and Server 2003.  Windows 2000 and   XP Professional are limited to 10 connections., Vista Business and Vista Ultimate software support an unlimited number of simultaneous connections to the server.