What you need to use this Quick Start Guide

1.  A Web Browser.  We recommend Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0.


2.      An Internet or Intranet connection. If you do not have an Internet or Intranet connection see Tips & Tricks (Use WebAccess without an Internet or Intranet).


3.      Access to an existing WebAccess Project Node and SCADA node.


This Quick Start Guide assumes you have access to an existing WebAccess Project Node and SCADA node, either your own or our Live Demo. 


Internet to Live Demo

If you have an Internet connection (without a firewall) you can connect to our demonstration WebAccess Project (the Live Demo). The WebAccess Live Demo is at http://demo.broadwin.com/  or at


Internet through Firewall

If you have an Internet connection, but it is through a firewall, see the Tips & Tricks section, Live Demo TCP Ports.  The WebAccess demo uses TCP ports 80, 4592 and 14592.



If you are limited to an Intranet connection you must connect to a Project Node on your network.  This guide assumes the project node is already installed. To connect to a newly installed WebAccess Project Node, you will need to get the IP Address, URL or computer name of your WebAccess Project Node from your system administrator. 


Standalone PC

If both Project Node and SCADA node software are installed on your PC or Laptop, you can use this QuickStart Guide to build a project (there is a similar Guide in the Installation Manual).


If you are installing the WebAccess Project Node or SCADA node, please refer to the Installation Guide on the WebAccess CD or online at http://www.broadwin.com/Manual/InstallGuide/InstallGuide.htm


Another good Referenece is the Engineering Manual.



This Quick Start guide does not cover installation of a SCADA node or a Project Node.


This Quick Start Guide shows you how to use the WebAccess Client in a standard Web Browser.