Data Source Cursors

NOTE: This section describes the Result Set Cache node in Settings & Diagnostics (Administration application). This node is reserved for use by Technical Support.

The result set is the data returned from a data source that is executing a read. The data server can provide that data to clients in a piecemeal fashion. Cursors provide the ability to send partial result sets to the client and send the rest of the results on an as-needed basis. This is transparent to the client and the data source.

The following information is provided on the Result Set Cache node:

Parameters on the Result Set Cache Node



Last Cursor Value

Allows the data server to remember what data has already been sent to the client.

Number of outstanding
result sets

Shows how much data is available in the data server and ready to go to the client.

Timeout (minutes)

After this time period has expired, a thread is activated and cleans up old data that is unretrieved, allowing that memory to be reclaimed for better uses.

Total number of
abandoned result sets

Shows the amount of data that was not retrieved.