Understanding Proficy Portal Context Menus

In the Client application, a context menu is a menu that appears when you click the right button of your mouse. It is called a context menu because the items that appear on the menu are determined by the context of the mouse. For example, in the run-time environment, if you right-click when the mouse is over the plotting area of a chart, the menu that appears is chart-specific. However, if you right-click when the mouse is over the system tree, a menu specific to the system tree will be displayed.

Three context menus are available in the run-time environment: an application context menu, a displays system tree context menu, and an object context menu for charts and grids. The following table summarizes how to display each menu:

To show the...


Displays System Tree context menu

An analysis display listed in the system tree.

Application context menu

An empty portion of a display.

Object context menu

The plotting area of a chart or the middle of a grid.


In the configuration environment, most objects also have a specific context menu. For example, the context menu for a text object includes a Color command to set the color of the text. The context menu for image objects does not because you cannot set the color of a graphic.