Deploying Proficy Portal Displays

After you have developed a collection of displays in Proficy Portal, you will want to deploy them to your users. The most common method of deployment will be sending each user in your organization a link to the Proficy Portal server. However, you may want to include Proficy Portal displays within an existing web application, such as a company intranet. See Using the Proficy Portal server for more information.

As a web application, Proficy Portal offers alternative methods of deployment, such as using a frame to embed a display in another web page. Also, support is available for Proficy Portal displays to be viewed inside web portlets. For more information on these methods, see Embedding Proficy Portal into Web Pages and Portlets.

It is also strongly recommended that you secure your Proficy Portal displays. If your organization consists of several different processes, you may not want all users of the system to be able to access every display. See Display Security for more information.