Properties | To configure an image

You can include Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) files, Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) files, or Portable Network Graphics (PNG) files in your Proficy Portal analysis displays. These graphic formats are common on the Internet and are viewable by most web browsers.   

Before you start adding images to your analysis displays, copy the graphics you want to use to the AllUsers/images directory on your Proficy Portal server. Only graphics within this directory can be added to Proficy Portal displays.

After you copy the files to the Proficy Portal server, you can add your graphic images to a display by selecting Image from the Insert menu. You can also resize the Image object by clicking and dragging one of the object's handles.   

TIP: When using an animated GIF, you may find it hard to control the mouse and switch between the run-time and configuration environments. To work around this, use the shortcut Ctrl+M to switch environments.