To reorder objects

Objects in your display can be stacked; that is, objects can be placed on top of other objects. The objects can be rearranged (or reordered) so that an object can be placed in front of other objects or behind other objects. For example, the following shapes are overlapped as shown:

To send the selected rectangle to the back, you can use the Send to Back or Send Back One options. The result of sending this object to the back is as follows:

To reorder objects

  1. Select the object you want to reorder. You can select multiple objects to be reordered if required. How?

  2. Right-click any of the selected objects and select Order. The options are: Bring Up One, Bring To Front, Send Back One, and Send To Back. Select one of the options. Send Back One or Bring Up One are mostly used when there are more than two overlapped objects.

The objects are reordered as specified.