Bar, Pie, and Line Charts (Legend Tab)

Properties on the Legend Tab in Category Charts 




Show Legend

Indicates whether to display a legend.

Selected – displays the legend.

Cleared – hides the legend.


Indicates whether the legend is displayed with a background.

Selected – the legend has an invisible background (i.e. the background of the chart displays behind the legend).

Cleared – the legend displays with a background. The color of the background is set in the Category Legend Properties on this dialog box.


The placement of the legend in a chart.

Top – above the plotting area.

Bottom – under the chart's plotting area. (Default)

Left – on the left side of the plotting area.

Right – on the right side of the plotting area.

Font Size

The point size of the text that appears in the legend.

Point sizes 8 - 72.

Border Color

The border color of the legend.

Select a color from the color palette.

Color button

The color of the text in the legend.

Select a color from the color palette.

Color button

The background color of the legend.

NOTE: The background will not appear if the Transparent check box is selected.

Select a color from the color palette.


The justification of the legend.


Center (Default)


Show Border

Indicates whether to show the border of the legend.

Selected – shows the border.

Cleared – hides the border.

Show Vertical
Scroll Bar

Indicates whether to show a vertical scroll bar.

Selected – shows the vertical scroll bar.

Cleared – hides the vertical scroll bar.

Rows Displayed

Specifies the maximum number of rows to display in the legend. This option is available only if the Show Vertical Scroll Bar check box is selected.

Values 1 - 10,000

Legend Width

Specifies the maximum width the legend can be before a horizontal scroll bar is used. Only applicable when the Legend Orientation is set to Left or Right.

Values 1 - 1000