Category Axis Tab    

The Category Axis tab is available on Bar and Line charts only.

Properties on the Category Axis Tab 





The position on the chart for the category axis line to appear on.

Top – the top of the chart.

Bottom – the bottom of the chart, below the legend. (Default)

Axis Color

The color of the category axis line and tick marks.

Select a color from the color palette.

Axis Title

The title for the category axis.

Any text/numbers.

Show Axis

Indicates whether to show the category axis in the chart.

Selected – shows the category axis. (Default)

Cleared – hides the category axis.

Show Title

Indicates whether the category axis title is shown.

Selected – shows the title. (Default)

Cleared – hides the title.

Rotate Labels

Indicates the orientation of category axis labels.

0 degrees – left to right.

90 degrees – top to bottom.

-90 degrees – top to bottom flipped.

Max Label Size

Specifies the maximum label size if the labels are rotated either 90 or -90 degrees.

1 - 1000 characters.

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