Datalink Quick Analysis Properties

Properties on the Datalink Quick Analysis Tab





Specifies the analysis object to use.

None, Time Chart, Historian Grid, Grid, XY Chart, XBar Chart, Range Chart, Sigma Chart, XBar-R Chart, XBar-S Chart, Moving XBar Chart, Moving Range Chart, Individual Chart, Histogram Chart, Pareto Chart, P Chart, NP Chart, C Chart, U Chart, Correlation Chart, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Line Chart


Specifies the template file to use for the object.

Any available template for the selected object.

Window Title

Specifies a title for the analysis window.

String value.

Menu String

Specifies the string that will appear in the object's context menu in the run-time environment.

String value.

Data Source

Specifies a data source(s) to include with the analysis object.

Any available data source.