Text object configuration dialog box

Properties on the Text Configuration dialog box





The type face for the text.

All TrueType fonts installed on the local computer are in the list.

NOTE: Select a font that is available on each user's computer; otherwise, Proficy Portal will substitute another font when the user opens the display and the text will not appear as you intend.


The style of the text.

For easy-to-read analysis displays, we do not recommend using Italics or Bold Italics as the text style.


The point size of the text.

From 8 to 72 points.

Text Entry

The preview area for the text.

Any string.

Insert Printing

For use on header/footer displays only. Allows you to select a printing function. The printing function can be combined with other printing functions and/or text.

Page Number – inserts the page number in a header/footer.

Total Pages – inserts the total number of pages in a header/footer.

User Name – inserts the current user name in a header/footer.

Display Name – inserts the current display name in a header/footer.

Display Description – inserts the text that has been entered in the Edit Current Display Settings dialog box (Printing tab) of the display that is set to print with a designated header/footer.

Insert button

Inserts the selected printing function. The function appears in the Text Entry Area.