Thumbnail Properties    

The thumbnail object appears on the display as a small graphic that, when clicked, launches any chart (except an Event chart) or grid. The Thumbnail object is available in both editions of Proficy Portal.

Properties on the Thumbnail Configuration dialog box





Allows you to specify a name for the Thumbnail object that will identify the object when its parameters are linked to another object.

Any text or numbers.

Data Source

The data source for the thumbnail.

Add button – displays the Data Source Browser. See Data Source Browser Properties.

Delete button – removes the selected data source.

Configure Expression button – displays the Expression Builder. See Expression Builder Properties.

Advanced Settings button – displays the Advanced Settings dialog box. See Advanced Settings Properties.

Object Type

Allows you to select the type of object the thumbnail represents.

All charts except the Event chart.


Allows you to select the template to use for the chosen object.

Any configured templates for the selected object, including the default template.

Image Name

The location and name of the image for the thumbnail object.

Any available Bitmap, GIF, or JPG file. Click the ellipsis button to open the Select Image dialog box.

Show Object

Indicates whether to display the chart or grid in a popup window or in a full screen.

Full Frame – the chart/grid fills the display window.

Popup Window – the chart/grid appears in a popup window within the display window. If this option is chosen, you can also specify a window title in the Title for Popup Window field.

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