RTIP 2.50 Known Issues

^Bug #^,^Problem Area^,^Title^ ^894^,^Reporting^,^Able to set printing header display of other users even when security is enabled.^ ^ 981 ^,^Link To ^,^Selected Value of List Box linked to Hlink returns error when data source is added. ^ ^ 247 ^,^Connector - SQL ^,^SQL Connector - Not picking up data type changes. ^ ^ 1687^,^Web Control Object ^,^Web control object - client crashes when control is linked to certain websites. ^ ^ 2056^,^Printing ^,^Disabling AutoFit Height/Width does not take effect. ^ ^ 2111^,^Printing ^,^Fail to print web control correctly when size of the web control is larger than the display. ^ ^ 516 ^,^Display Objects ^,^Placing '\n' in a manual entry string prevents the display from saving. ^ ^ 598 ^,^Browser ^,^Filter still being run after cancel. ^ ^ 1962^,^Performance^,^iExplorer.exe sustained 100% CPU usage in any Proficy Portal application. ^ ^ 2024^,^Chart - Time ^,^Deleted Parameterized SQL statement plots data in time chart after re-login. ^ ^ 1395^,^Display Objects ^,^Display doesn't resize in Run mode when the system tree is removed. ^ ^ 851^,^Server ^,^VLAN-dual nic server dual subnets connection timeout with wrong IP listed. ^ ^ 434 ^,^Data Source Browser ^,^Unable to use Delete button in System tree. ^