Proficy Portal 2.6 New Features

Category Chart Improvements

New configuration options are now available for use with Category charts, including stacked bar charts, displaying bars as percentages, and showing summary lines in both bar and line charts. For more information, look up 'bar charts' in the online help Index.

iFIX Interoperability Improvements

Now available for use with iFIX 4.0 or greater:

Time Chart Export Options

A new format is available for exporting historical data from Time charts. When the data is viewed as a .csv file, the tags appear in columns and the timestamp appears in rows. For more information, look up 'exporting data' and access 'Time chart export options' in the online help Index.

Portlet Support

Proficy Portal displays can now be used in web portlets, which allows for the presentation of displays as static images. To further support this, you can now schedule the generation of displays as images. Displays can be viewed in portlets as either image or reports. For more information, look up 'portlets' in the online help Index.

OPC 2.0 Data Qualities Support

Users of Proficy Historian 3.1 can view data qualities information in Proficy Portal (in support of OPC 2.0 Data Qualities). New columns OPCQUALITYVALID, OPCQUALITY, and STEPVALUE are now available in the SQL Statement Builder.

Online Help Search Improvement

It is now easier to find information in the Help with the use of wildcards, operators, and quotation marks. The results of the search can be sorted by ranking or title, and the matches of your search are now highlighted in listed topics. For more information, look up 'searching Help' in the online help Index.