Printing Displays

You can print an analysis display with your web browser's Print command; however, it is recommended that you use Proficy Portal's printing features (for better and more customizable results). You can print in Run mode only if the Allow Print in Run Mode option is selected on the Edit Application Preferences dialog box (see Application Preferences Properties for more information).

There are two printing options available in the run-time environment. These features are accessed from the File menu (choose Print) and from the right-click menu on a display (choose Print):

There are two print preview options available in the run-time environment. The print preview options require that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 6.0 or later) installed on your machine. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, access the free download from the Adobe web site. The print preview features are accessed from the File menu (choose Print Preview) and from the right-click menu on a display (choose Print Preview):

Expansion features for grids

When a grid is configured in a display (this includes the Grid object, Historian grid, or Alarm Analysis object), printing expansion options can be set so that when the display is previewed or printed (with the Print/Preview Report selection), the grid is expanded horizontally, vertically, or both. For example, if a grid is configured with the vertical expansion printing option, when the display is printed (as a report), all the rows in the grid will be printed on multiple pages. For more information on configuring grid expansion objects, see Grid (Grid Printing Options section).

Page headers/footers

A display can be set up with headers and footers that are printed on each page. The content of the header/footer is configured in a separate display(s). The header/footer printing options can be set for a display in the Edit Current Display Settings dialog box. For more information, on creating header/footer displays, see Creating Header/Footer Displays.

Page breaks

Page breaks can be inserted in a display (in Configure mode) so that when a display is printed, a new page will start immediately following the break. For more information on inserting page breaks, see To insert a page break in a display.

Printing Charts/Grids only

Individual charts and grids can be printed in the run-time environment by selecting the Print Chart or Print Grid commands from the object's right-click menu. See To print a chart and To print a grid for more information.

Natural Printing

Natural Printing refers to setting up URL line parameters so that print jobs can be scheduled and run on a regular basis. For more information, see Natural Printing.

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