Colors in the SQL Statement Builder

The SQL Statement Builder uses colors to help you identify the parts of your statement. There are three different items for which color means something.

Column names – the column name in the canvas and the Query Specification tab changes color depending on its use within a statement.

Blue – a selected item or an item appearing in a selected expression.

Yellow – an item appearing in a join, a criterion, or a condition.

Green – an item that is selected and is appearing in a join, a criterion, or a condition.

Pins next to column names – the color indicates the data type of the column. Columns with the same data type can be joined. Joins are the same color as the pins.

Black – boolean or bit

Green – any type of integer

Light Green/Turquoise – date or time

Purple – any numeric non-integer

Red – character string

Orange – objects

Gray – all others

Expressions in the Criteria Logic tab – conditions are the same color, and comparison operators have specific colors.

AND – dark orange

OR – light orange

NOT – red

Expressions – light yellow when not selected

All items on this tab turn gray when selected.