INSERT Statements

You can insert new data into databases that you have access to using Proficy Portal. When you create an INSERT statement, you can either designate specific values to add to the database, or use a parameter to allow the user to select from a range of values at run-time.

The graphic design of the SQL Statement Builder allows you to see the exact columns that are in each table, and the data types of each column. You can then determine each new value as you go instead of trying to remember each column.

When you place a table or an existing INSERT statement in the Graphic Design area, the columns in that statement appear in the New Values tab. By default, a null value is inserted for each column. If you want a different value, you can assign a late-binding parameter or a specific value to each column. Values must be of the appropriate data type, listed at the far right of the tab. The Null check box is light blue and is not available if you cannot set this column to Null.

For more information on parameters, see the Defining Parameters chapter.

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