Supported Data Types

In general, the Statement Builder supports most of the data types available in the relational databases supported by Proficy Portal; however, Proficy Portal does not support binary data types, such as BINARY, VARBINARY, BLOB, BFILE, IMAGE, and OLE OBJECT, or raw data types, such as RAW and LONG RAW. Other unsupported data types include CLOB, NCLOB, UNIQUEIDENTIFIER, and TIMESTAMP (in SQL 7 and SQL 2000 databases).

Depending on the JDBC driver you are using, you may encounter issues with data types that the Statement Builder supports but the JDBC driver does not. For more information about verifying SQL data sources and troubleshooting JDBC drivers, refer to the section Verifying Relational Database Connections.

For constants and parameters, only the following types are supported: VARCHAR, NUMERIC, INTEGER, and DATE.