To create a new statement

  1. From the File menu, select New Statement. The New Statement dialog box appears.

  2. Select the type of statement that you want to create. The options are SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and CALL.

  3. If available, select the check boxes for the following options, as needed:

    • same Table(s)

    • same Criteria

    • same Selected Items

    • same Values

    • same Procedure

These options are available in the New Statement dialog box only if there was a statement of the same type in the Table Diagram tab of the Statement Builder when you began creating the new statement.

  1. Click OK. The New Statement dialog box closes.

  2. Drag a table, view, or stored procedure from the Schemas tab into the Table Diagram tab.

The selected item appears in the Table Diagram tab. The text of the statement appears in the SQL Statement tab. Other tabs contain information, depending on the type of statement you are creating.

  1. If required:

    1. Add any sort or select information.

    2. Add any expressions.

    3. Add any criteria.

    4. Add any group criteria.

  2. If the statement includes a stored procedure, the statement must be saved to execute the stored procedure.

  3. Test the statement by selecting Execute Statement from the Tools menu. The returned records appear in the Results tab.

For other ways to create a statement, see the Creating Statements section.