Hosting Proficy Portal on Apache

You can run Proficy Real-Time Information Portal on either an IIS web server, or an Apache web server. If you are using Apache, you must complete the following steps after Proficy Portal has been installed.

The minimum required version of Apache is 2.0.52. For additional system requirements, refer to System Requirements.

Proficy Portal installs the following files to support Apache:

NOTE: The following instructions assume that Proficy Portal has been installed to the default location: C:\Program Files\GE Fanuc\Proficy Portal. It is also assumed that Apache has been installed to the location: C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache. If these installation locations are different, you must modify this procedure accordingly.

  1. If IIS is running on the server machine, ensure that it is either disabled or moved to another port (e.g., port 90). See Resolving Port Conflictsfor more information.

  2. Stop the Proficy Portal server.

  3. Stop the Apache server.

  4. Locate the httpd.conf file in the following location:

C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\conf

  1. Open the Apache httpd.conf file in Notepad, scroll to the end of the file, and insert the following at the end on a blank line:

Include "C:/Program Files/GE Fanuc/Proficy Portal/conf/mod_jk.conf"

  1. Also, in the httpd.conf file, add the following:


# DirectoryIndex: [Name of the file or files to use as a pre-written HTML]

# directory index.  [Separate multiple entries with spaces]


<IfModule mod_dir.c>

    DirectoryIndex index.html Default.htm


  1. Save and close the httpd.conf file.

  2. Locate the mod_jk_1.2.6_2.0.50.dll file in:

C:\Program Files\GE Fanuc\Proficy Portal\conf

and copy it to the Apache modules directory as specified:

C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\modules

IMPORTANT: If Apache is installed to a location other than C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2, you must edit the path in the mod_jk.conf file.

  1. Start the Apache server.

  2. Start the Proficy Portal server.

  3. Open the following URL in your browser:


NOTE: Apache is case sensitive; IIS is not case sensitive. http://hostname/proficyportal/default.htm will load on IIS, but not on Apache.