To configure a JDBC Driver

  1. From the Windows Start menu, select Programs | Proficy Real-Time Information Portal 2.6 | JDBC Configuration.

A JDBC configuration prompt window appears and it may take a few seconds for the JDBC Driver Configuration Utility to appear. Do not attempt to enter anything in the prompt window while the utility is loading.

  1. If you are adding a new driver, click the Add button. If you are configuring an existing driver, click the driver in the Configured Drivers list and click the Configure button.

The Add Driver or Edit Driver window appears.

  1. In the Driver Name field, enter the name of the driver (e.g. MS SQL Server 2000).

  2. In the Class Name field, enter the name of the driver class name (e.g. Refer to the driver documentation.

  3. In the URL Syntax field, enter the syntax to use when specifying the driver's URL (e.g. jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://hostname:1433;
    DatabaseName=name). Refer to the driver documentation.

  4. In the Example URL field, enter an example of the syntax the user (who is configuring a data source) may use for the driver's URL. This URL is used when the system tests the driver.

  5. NOTE: The URL Syntax and Example URL text is transferred over to the Administration application for use as a reference while configuring data sources.

  6. To add a JAR file, click the Add button and select the appropriate file(s). You can also remove JAR files by clicking on the file in the Associated Files list and clicking the Remove file button.

  7. After entering/changing all necessary information on this window, click the Test button to test the driver.

  8. In the Test Driver window, enter a user name and password for the database, and click the Test button.

The results of the test appear in the Results area.

  1. Click the Done button on the Test Driver window when you are finished testing.

  2. Click Done to close the JDBC Configuration utility. You will be asked if you want to restart the Proficy Portal server. Click Yes - your changes will not come into effect until the server has been restarted.

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