Proficy Portal Log Files

If Proficy Portal fails to start or an error occurs on the Proficy Portal server, you can use log files to troubleshoot the error. The Proficy Portal server keeps server and client log files. These log files record events and errors such as:

The Proficy Portal server versions its log files to prevent them from becoming too large. For example, when the file ProficyPortalServer0.log reaches its size limit, the server automatically creates a new log, ProficyPortalServer2.log. Likewise, if the ProficyPortalClient0.log file becomes too big, it creates the file ProficyPortalClient0.log.1.

You can locate these files in the WEB-INF\logs directory. By default, this path is:

C:\Program Files\GE Fanuc\Proficy Portal\webapps\infoAgentSrv\WEB-INF\logs\

Configuring Proficy Portal Log files

By default, Proficy Portal is configured to record a minimal amount of information about the Proficy Portal server's activities. If you want to modify this, perform the following:

  1. Start the Proficy Portal Administration application.

  2. Click the Settings & Diagnostics button.

  3. In the tree, select Logging.

  4. Make your desired changes. For more information about each field, refer to the following table:



    File Count

    Specifies the maximum number of archived log files to keep. When this limit has been reached, the oldest archive file will be deleted.

    File Size (MB)

    Specifies the maximum size, in MB, of each log file. When a log file reaches the specified size, it is archived and a new file is created.


    Specifies the level of detail Proficy Portal will log.

    • Verbose

    NOTE: Setting the logging level to Verbose could cause a significant decrease in the performance of the Proficy Portal server.

    • Informational

    • Minimal

    • Off