Why do my displays run slower after converting from v1.1?

When upgrading from version 1.1 to 2.x, converted displays containing charts may update at a slower rate than they did in version 1.1. You may also see the error message "Memory Low: Unable to Plot Data". In infoAgent 1.1, the Maximum Points setting (used when configuring the Historian data source for charts) was an artificial way to limit the amount of Historian data sent across the network. Because using the Max Points setting can cause trend distortion, it has been removed in version 2.x. It is extremely important that you examine the amount of data your charts are set up to retrieve. If they are retrieving too much data, this may give an initial impression that 2.x performs slower than 1.1. However, you have full control over how much data is retrieved, and experimenting with the following settings will ensure the best possible performance: