Имитации включения и выключения питания

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Выбери через меню команду PLC > Power On и Power Off для имитации включения и выключения питания.


После вкл./выключения питания S7-PLCSIM V5 всегда переходит  в режим STOP


Which operating state does the S7-PLCSIM have after power OFF/ON?

Unlike S7 300 and S7 400 CPUs, the operating state of the S7-PLCSIM after power OFF/ON (CTRL+0/1) is always STOP.

You can however tell which operating state was active before "Power OFF" from the check boxes (like the key switch of a "real" CPU). The last state set is still displayed.
To get the S7-PLCSIM back into the operating state "RUN" you have to manually set the "STOP" check box and then one of the "RUN" check boxes.