CPU 417
Овчинниковой Елены; 11.5.99

Где можно посмотреть технические характеристики CPU 417?

Или к кому можно обратиться, чтобы их получить в электронном
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Re: CPU 417
A&D S Nikanorov; 17.5.99

6ES7417-4XL00-0AB0 CPU 417-4, 4 MB

6ES7952-1AM00-0AA0 MC 952, RAM- 4 MByte, lang
6ES7952-1AP00-0AA0 MC 952, RAM- 8 MByte, lang
6ES7952-1AS00-0AA0 MC 952, RAM 16 MByte
6ES7952-1KT00-0AA0 MC 952,32 MByte,S7-400,5V F|ash
6ES7952-1KY00-0AA0 MC 952,32 MByte,S7-400,5V F|ash
6ES7955-2AL00-0AA0 Arbeitsspeichererw. (2+2 MB)
6ES7955-2AM00-0AA0 Arbeitsspeichererw. (4+4 MB)


The CPU 417-4, the associated user memory expansion and the documentation
(new edition) are now available from LZN. The range of S7-400 CPUs has been
be supplemented at the upper performance level by the high-performance CPU
417-4 with large, expandable user memory and integrated PROFIBUS-DP master

Features of the CPU 417-4:
- User memory: 4 Mbytes integrated, expandable to 20 Mbytes
* for programs: 2 Mbytes, expandable to 10 Mbytes
* for data: 2 Mbytes, expandable to 10 Mbytes
- Loading memory: 256 Kbytes integrated, expandable to 64 Mbytes (MC)
-I/O address area: 16 Kbytes
* i.e. DI/DO max. : 131 384
* and AI/AO max. : 8 192
- Backup of the data via a battery in the power supply or external battery
- Max. number of blocks: 6144 FC, 6144 FB, 8192 DB
- Execution times:
* binary operations: 100 ns
* word operations: 100 ns
* fixed-point addition: 100 ns
* floating-point addition: 480 ns
- Flags 16384 (can be set retentive)
- Counters 512 (can be set retentive)
- Timers 512 (can be set retentive)
The no. of IEC1131 timers and counters is unlimited (10 bytes per timer/
- MPI port (12 Mbit/s, 187.5 kbit/s or 19.6 kbit/s) supported
* PG/OP communication
* Global data communication
* S7 basic communication
* S7 communication
- PROFIBUS DP port (up to 12 Mbaud)
* Stations: up to 125 ET 200 stations
* PG/OP communication
* Max. 244 bytes of process data per ET 200 station
- 2 free ports to connect the DP submodule IF964-DP
(6ES7964-2AA01-0AB0, planned for 5/99)
- The MPI can be configured as PROFIBUS DP and used as DP master. If the
MPI is used for PROFIBUS DP, the integrated communications functions -
except for the PG/OP communication - can no longer be used.
The max. number of ET stations is 32.
- The MPI/DP port can be operated at 19.8 kBaud, 187.5 kBaud or 12 MBaud.
- Certain quantity frameworks (e.g. process I/O image, local data, diag-
nostic buffer) can be enlarged at the expense of the user memory. The
process I/O image can be increased to the size of the max I/O address
- Up to 8 sub-process I/O images can be defined
- Logic module addresses can be assigned in byte steps
- The system function runtimes (SFB, SFC) have been significantly improved
- Communication performance has been improved once again.
- Routing for PG connection permits engineering across the whole plant,
as well as testing and diagnostics over the whole network hirarchy.
- Support of lateral communication between DP slaves. Receivers can be
intelligent slaves (CPUs), e.g. CPU 316-2DP, 318-2), that listen in
when process data are sent to the DP master.
- Synchronous operation and equidistance on PROFIBUS DP (e.g. for motion
control applications)
- In addition to the integrated DP interfaces, up to 10 additional DP
strings can be implemented via CP (or 4 via IM)

Different memory distribution:
The user memory has been sudivided into a memory for code and a memory
for data, so that in total more working memory is now available. This
concept will be generally introduced for S7-400 as of 6/99.

- STEP 7 V5.0 or higher is required for programming.

S7-400 manual (G) 6ES7 498-8AA02-8AA0
S7-400 manual (E) 6ES7 498-8AA02-8BA0
S7-400 manual (F) 6ES7 498-8AA02-8CA0
S7-400 manual (S) 6ES7 498-8AA02-8DA0
S7-400 manual (I) 6ES7 498-8AA02-8EA0

List of Operations (G) 6ES7 498-8AA02-8AN0
List of Operations (E) 6ES7 498-8AA02-8BN0
List of Operations (F) 6ES7 498-8AA02-8CN0
List of Operations (S) 6ES7 498-8AA02-8DN0
List of Operations (I) 6ES7 498-8AA02-8EN0