Максим Поджидаев; 20.8.99

Была у Siemens система PCS, под UNIX.

Сейчас в фаворе PCS7 под Windows NT.
От UNIX направления отказались? Если да,
почему? Как поддерживается и развивается

Думаю, это будет Вам ответом на вопрос!
Михайлин Сергей; 20.8.99

Dear PCS Customer

We are overdue in providing an update for the PCS customer base especially relating to our plans for this product line. As you may know, there have been annual PCS User Group meetings held in the United States for the past three years. The next one is scheduled for May 23 - 26 in Atlanta, Georgia. At this meeting Siemens provides updates to our product plans and there are presentations from both Users and Siemens regarding various topics.
With the great worldwide emphasis on the use of Windows NT in industrial plants, Siemens has been extremely aggressive, promoting and selling our Process Control System, SIMATIC PCS 7, a Windows NT based system. As you may be aware our latest release of the PCS system, version 4.0.0, now supports the use of S7-414 and S7-416 controllers in addition to the 505 and S5 controllers. Also, the software for configuring the controllers is the PCS 7 Engineering System (ES) Toolset along with a new function block library, the OSx/APT Library. As a result of this we have extended its name to be SIMATIC PCS 7 OSx, the Unix platform of our Process Control System family utilizing the latest S7 technologies.
For PCS 7 OSx we are nearing completion of our next release, version 4.1.0. This is targeted for August 1999 availability. This release will have a variety of enhancements targeted mainly at usability improvements. The enhancements include:
• improved backup and restore process
• filters for the log file to more easily view a subset of the log file information
• filters for the tag lists using tag type, tag name or descriptions
• date- to- date Archive search capabilities with selection criteria
• improved tag installation process
• user defined tag type creation in the PCS database based on tag types created in the PCS 7 Engineering system
• support for the S7-417-4 controller
Beyond this we are working with the PCS User Council to establish priorities for additional enhancements.
For those PCS customers that are evaluating the SIMATIC S7 technologies for use in their plants, we are developing migration paths with products and utilities to make this transition easier. For example, we already have a 505 RBC for Profibus DP and are completing development of a like RBC-DP for the 500 series I/O. We are also developing an APT to ES conversion utility that will convert at least 80% of an APT program to an ES program. Our objective with these products and utilities is to allow installed I/O to be utilized and preserve the large engineering investment in the control programs.
The technology paths that will be supported for migration are:
• OSx system (UNIX) with S7 controllers utilizing existing 500/505 I/O or 85 I/O and conversion of APT programs to ES programs for the S7 controller. This might be useful for updating an existing system based on UNIX but utilizing the S7 controllers and the Engineering Toolset.
• OSx system with S7 controller utilizing new S7 I/O. If the project has similarity to existing projects, then conversion of APT programs to ES programs could be used to preserve original engineering investments. This might be a case when adding a new process area.
• PCS 7 (NT based) system with S7 controllers. This may be a new process area but you want to preserve engineering investment in re-usable APT programs. The APT to ES conversion utility would be used to convert the APT programs. The I/O, if it is a new system, would be S7 I/O. This could also be a case where a system is being completely updated to PCS 7 NT and you want to re-use existing 505 I/O.
To assist you in obtaining information about PCS Unix systems we are preparing a list of Siemens Sales and Technical support staff that are knowledgeable about the PCS Unix product line for each country throughout the world. This will make getting information easier. In addition, if you are not already enrolled on the PCS User Connection, you should do so. This provides you Internet access to current information about PCS and APT. There are libraries of Application Notes, Technical Advisories and threaded discussions. The threaded discussions allow you to ask questions, or look for solutions, on a subject that you may need help with where other PCS Users or Siemens staff may be able to assist you.
In closing let me assure you that we are firmly committed to providing you with regular up-to date information in order to make the integration of our Products and Systems, as well as the transition to new technologies, easier for you.
Yours sincerely!

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