Step 2.1.2. Set Allen-Bradley DF-1 Port Properties

Use the Allen Bradley DF-1 tab of the Port Properties dialog box to enter Allen Bradley DF-1 protocol information for the port. You can also define these settings using the independent test utility.

Device Model

Selected model fills in default values for the Allen Bradley DF-1.

Models include:

PLC 2/3



Source ID

Enter the station number of the DF-1 device.

Port Number

Select the COM port connected to the device.

Baud rate

Enter the baud rate for communications. Click the drop-down list to the right of the input field and select a rate from the list.

Enable Parity Checking

Select to enable parity checking and activate the Parity fields below.


Select the parity to be used for communications.

Data Bits

Select the number of data bits.

Stop Bits

Select the number of stop bits.

Enable CTS flow control

Select to enable Clear to Send flow control and activate the RTS/CTS Delay field.

RTS/CTS Delay (ms)

Enter the delay desired between RTS and CTS.


Select the Checksum method to use. Your selection must match the PLC.

RTS Control

Select the RTS Control option to use. The default is Toggle.

DTR Control

Select the DTR Control option to use. The default is Enable

These settings will override those from the independent test utility .

More information

Step 2.1. Configure Allen-Bradley Df-1 ports.