Ethernet Direct

This is used for PLCs, which support direct Ethernet communication such as PLC-5/40E. It is assumed that the RSLinx Driver AB_ETH-1 is configured to include these PLCs as LOCAL.

Control Address:

Use an MG file address (ex. MG30:0)

Communication Command:

PLC-2 Unprotected Write

PLC-5 Data Table Address:

Starting address in the PLC of unsolicited data

Size In Elements:

Number of Elements of Data

*Host / Internet IP address:

IP address of CIMPLICITY host

Destination DT address:

PLC-2 data table address configured for CIMPLICITY point

Port Number:

Channel to be used for communication (ex. 2A)

You can also use the word CLIENT instead of specifying the IP address. In that case, you need to configure piunsol.ini file on the host computer.

More information

PLC-5 Ethernet direct example file.

SLC-505 Ethernet direct example.

Configuring PLCs for unsolicited data.