Day Type Overrides

Day Type Overrides allow you to change the day type for a specified calendar day. You might need to make the change for a variety of reasons including holidays, long weekends, plant shutdowns or to accommodate a longer production schedule.


You normally run your cutting machine, in the Cutting Area, from 1:00pm through 4:00pm every Monday through Friday. You schedule the Action Calendar to turn the machine on and off. You have all ready defined the Cutting Area. Now you will create a day type in the Cutting Area called Weekdays and assign Monday through Friday to that day type.

The plant manager tells you that beginning three weeks from the current week, the cutting machine will have to run from noon through 6:00pm for four Thursdays in a row.

Anticipating these long runs you have created a day type called Long Run that turns the machine on at noon and off at 6:00pm. You can immediately select the four involved Thursdays and override the Weekdays day type with Long Run. On those four Thursdays the Action Calendar will follow the Long Run schedule.

Note:: Switch the Schedule Type to Calendar mode to assign Day Type Overrides.

You can do the following with Day Type Overrides: