When you have defined a plant's areas and configured each area's day types, you are ready to configure schedules.


A schedule defines the series of activities that should occur on the days of the week that are assigned to a day type.

If you created the area's events, you now only need to schedule them. If you did not create the events, you can create them during scheduling.

First, when your Schedule Type is in Day Type mode, configure the basic day type schedules for each area.


You configure a schedule of events for each day type. As a result, the Action Calendar will apply a day type's schedule of events to each day of the week assigned to it

Later, you can switch your Schedule Type to Calendar mode and override any specific days or events, where necessary.


You assign Monday, Wednesday and Friday to a day type called Weekday. The Action Calendar will carry out whatever schedule you create for the day type Weekday on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Before you get started, you may want to take a look at how you can adjust the Schedule View.