Example 2.2.6. CimEdit: Script

Important: The Advanced Viewer currently only supports CimEdit scripts; it does not support EMRP scripts.

The Advanced Viewer Overview screen uses an OnMouseUp event and script to display message boxes that report temperature, level and flow values from the WEST area.

Script configuration example.

Script runtime example.

Script Configuration Example

The script for this example gets point values from item ID's in the ATLSIM Server's WEST group.

The item ID's are as follows.




\\ATLSIM is the project

<WEST> is the group

INT>RW.TAG000002 is the tag ID.





Script Runtime Example

During runtime when an operator clicks the tank cutout Basic Script message boxes report the heat, level and flow values for the ATLSIM OPC Server's WEST group.

More information

Option 2.2. Create one or more CimEdit/CimView screens.