Step 3. Configure Alarm Printer Layout Properties

The Layout tab of the Alarm Printer dialog box enables you to determine whether a header should be printed at the top of a page.

Specifications include:

Print Headers

Check to print a header at the top of each page.

If you have more than one alarm printer process sending messages to the same printer or file, uncheck this check box. When you uncheck the check box, the Page length field is disabled.

Page Length


Enter the number of lines per page that can be printed. The number must be an integer between 1 and 999.

Page Width

Enter the number of characters that can be printed on a line. The number must be an integer between 80 and 157.

Important: If the printer is configured as 80 characters wide then AMLP will print on two lines regardless of the actual width of the printer.

Redundant Alarm Printing

This field is enabled if your project has the Host Redundancy option.

Check for both the Master and Slave computers to print alarms.

Uncheck for only the Master computer to print alarms.

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