Option 3.8. CimView Screen Button: View an Alarm's CimView Screen

If a CimView screen was associated with a point on the View tab of the Point Properties dialog box, a user can open the screen if an alarm has been configured for the Point ID and it appears in the Alarm Viewer.

  1. (If not already configured) associate the involved Point ID with a CimView screen.

  1. Open the Point Properties dialog box for selected Point ID that has a configured alarm.

  2. Click Advanced on the General tab.

  3. Select the View tab that appears.

  4. Select a Screen from the selection in the drop down menu. Your options include CimView screens that are in the project directory.

  5. Update the project's configuration.

  1. Open the Alarm Viewer while the project is running.

  2. Select the Alarm ID when the point is in Alarm State and appears in the Alarm Viewer.

  3. Click CimView Screen.

The associated CimView screen opens.

 Note: If no screen is defined for the alarm, an appropriate message display.

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