Step 3. Work with the AMV Control/Stand-alone AMV Buttons

Option 3.1

Setup button: Configure AMV Control/Stand-alone AMV Alarm setups.

Option 3.2

Ack and/or Reset buttons: Acknowledge and Reset alarms.

Option 3.3

Help button: Using customized help.

Option 3.4

Refresh button: Refresh the Alarm Viewer list.

Option 3.5

Toggle button: Toggle between Alarm Viewer static and dynamic view.

Option 3.6

View Stack button: Viewing the alarm stack.

Option 3.7

Comments button: View alarm comments.

Option 3.8

CimView screen button: View an alarm's CimView screen.

Option 3.9

Delete button: Delete an alarm.

More information

Alarm Viewer fields and buttons configuration.