Step 3.1.5. Create a new Alarm Filter Setup

  1. Do one of the following.

Option 1. Select an existing setup that is not the current setup to be the model

  1. Click Load.

The setup loads and the Alarm Setups dialog box closes.

  1. Click Setup to reopen the dialog box.

Option 2. Use the current setup as the model

Go to 2.

  1. Enter a new name in the Setup field.

Note: Use the prefix $ to make the setup global, available to all project users.



Setup Name




The setup is available to all project users.



The setup is available only to the user who configured it.

  1. Click Modify Current.

  2. Use the Modify Setup dialog box to set your new setup options.

  3. Click OK.

The Alarm Setups dialog box reappears.

  1. Click Save.

Result: The new setup displays in the setup list and is available to be loaded.

More information

Example: Create a new alarm setup.

Option 3.1. Setup Button: Configure filter setups.