Option 3.1. Setup Button: Configure AMV Control/Stand-alone AMV Alarm Setups

Normally, all alarms for the roles assigned to your CIMPLICITY User ID are displayed on the Alarm Viewer screen.

Alarm filtering enables a user to filter the list by displaying certain subsets of alarms. .

When a user clicks Setup, the Alarm Setups dialog box opens. It is through this dialog box that the subsets of alarm can be created and modified.


Only users who have been granted the Modify Alarm Setups privilege in the Role Properties dialog box can save a new setup, load a different setup or make the current setup the default.

The filter setup is also available through the CIMPLICITY© Alarm Sound Manager .

Steps include:

Step 3.1.1

Select a filter to load or to modify.

Step 3.1.2

Modify the Alarm Viewer setup class list.

Step 3.1.3

Modify the Alarm Viewer setup resource list.

Step 3.1.4

Configure the AMV setup time, state and sort.

Step 3.1.5

Create a new alarm filter setup.

Step 3.1.6

Delete an alarm filter setup.

Step 3.1.7

Select the default alarm filter setup.

More information

Step 3. Work with the AMV Control/Stand-alone AMV buttons.