DoCimviewScreen and Viewers

If the Alarm Viewer OCX is running on a Viewer, you need to define the path to the project's screens so the Control knows where to find them.

You do this configuration on the Viewer.

  1. Display the C:\Program Files\GE Fanuc\Proficy CIMPLICITY\Data directory in Windows Explorer or at a Command prompt on the Viewer.

  2. Open the log_names.cfg file  in a text editor.

The control looks for the path to the screen in this file. By default, it assumes that the Alarm Viewer OCX is running on the server.

  1. Find the following lines.

* GSM Logical names




  1. Change SITE_ROOT to the actual path that leads to the Screens folder.


* GSM Logical names






is a mapped drive from the server


is the name of the project that has the assigned screens.

More information

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