Option 9.2. Delete Projects from the AMV Control List

Delete projects during configuration.

Remove projects during runtime.

Delete projects during configuration

  1. Select the Projects tab in the CIMPLICITY AMV Control Properties dialog box.

  2. Select the project to delete.

  3. Click Delete Project.

The project is deleted from the list.

  1. Repeat until all of the projects are selected.

Remove projects during runtime

During runtime a user can quickly remove projects by right-clicking the Alarm Viewer control

  1. Right-click the Alarm Viewer OCX

A popup menu appears.

  1. Select Remove Project.

The Disconnect Project dialog box opens displaying a list of projects attached to the Alarm Viewer control.

  1. Select the project to disconnect.

  2. Click OK.

Result: The project is disconnected; the project's alarms will not display in the AMV Control window.

More information

Step 9. Specify the projects the AMV Control will monitor.