Step 7. Specify AMV Control Display Properties

Check any of the check boxes in the Display box to display the feature in the AMV Control during runtime.

Check boxes.

Runtime display example.

Check boxes


Field titles

Display column titles.

The column titles must display in order to allow users to sort by title during runtime, if enabled.


Status box

Display a status box that provides information about the:


(Connected) State

(Alarm) Count per project,

Date/Time and

Setup (Filter being used).


Begin in Static

Static mode (at startup).


Show alarm clear time in view stack



Select when to provide a timestamp as follows.




Provides time for when a value:

Goes into Alarm state

Goes into Normal state (is cleared).




Provides the time for when a value goes into Alarm state.





Runtime display example

Following are examples of how the AMV Control displays based on your selections.

AMV Control with all display features selected

AMV Control with no display features selected

More information

AMV Control configuration.