Step 3.1. Configure Projects to add to the List

Note: The Add Project dialog box opens when you modify an existing project's specifications. However, the Project field is disabled.

  1. Select the Projects tab in the CIMPLICITY® Alarm Sound Manager dialog box..

  2. Click Add.

The Add Project dialog box opens.

  1. Fill in the fields as follows.










Select a project from the drop down menu.

Projects that are running and available (e.g. broadcast) are listed.



A number equal to or greater than 0 in the Priority field to specify the project's priority relative to other projects.

0 is the highest priority.

The higher the number you enter, the lower the priority.

The list of projects on the Projects tab is sorted in the order of priority that you specify. The Alarm Sound Managers uses this project ordering to help determine which sound plays first at runtime.



An alarm setup that will filter alarms that trigger a sound.


Type a setup in the Setup field.

Click the Browse button to the right of the Setup field.

An Alarm Setups dialog box opens.

Setups listed in the Alarm Setups dialog box were created in any of the following.

Stand-alone Alarm Viewer

Alarm Viewer OCX

Alarm Sound Manager


You can create a new or modify an existing setup to enter in the Setup field.

If you do not select a setup, CIMPLICITY uses the <<Unfiltered>> setup, which will trigger sound for any alarm in the project.

  1. Click OK.

If you are not logged into CIMPLICITY, a CIMPLICITY® Login dialog box opens.

Enter your User ID and Password.

Once you are logged in, the project displays in the list of projects on the Projects tab in the CIMPLICITY® Alarm Sound Manager dialog box. If an alarm is generating a sound, a message provides the alarm's:



Generation date/time


  1. Repeat adding projects until all of the projects that should have sound for alarms appear in the Projects list.

Note: Select a project in the list and click Delete if you want to remove it from the Alarm Sound Manager.

More information

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