About CIMPLICITY Open Interface

The CIMPLICITY Base System functionality - Point Management, Alarm Management and Data Logging facilities, as well as a full-functioned User Interface - enables CIMPLICITY users to collect data for reporting and to visualize data via lists, graphic status displays and alarms. Standard data communications capability make CIMPLICITY software a factory floor tool that can provide services such as those listed below.

Downtime reporting

Production reporting

Records of production counts at work stations

Graphic monitoring of automatic data point values

Fault reporting via direct point values and alarms

CIMPLICITY software's flexible system architecture and modular design allows for easy add-on of functionality. These add-ons can be created programmatically using CIMPLICITY's API tool kits.

Important: If you:

Plan to work with the API tool kit you will need to have Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 installed.

Are building an API in VISTA, you must log in as an administrator.

Generating code that will run on a machine should require administrator privileges, the same as installing a program.

The CIMPLICITY API tool kits are:

API Tool Kit



Create and customize a Login/Logout box and/or use API's to give programmed applications some control over the CIMPLICITY login/logout activities.

Alarm Management

Provides an interface for application programs to generate CIMPLICITY alarms based on the specific requirements of the application.

Alarm Interested Process

Create a process that receives alarm information from the CIMPLICITY Alarm Manager.

External Alarm State Management

Create an External Alarm State Manager (XASMgr) to manage CIMPLICITY alarms.

Alarm Viewer

Provides an interface for application programmers to develop full-featured custom alarm viewers to meet special needs.

Device Communications

Support communications to devices for which standard CIMPLICITY software communication enablers are not available.

Provides the libraries and build procedures you need to create communication enablers that perform the same functions as standard CIMPLICITY software communication enablers.

Point Management

Provides an interface between application programs and CIMPLICITY software's ability to monitor data point values.

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