Point.GetNext (function)




Boolean. A function, to read the next value of a point with a specified timeout in milliseconds. Returns True if the point was read, False if it timed out.


sub main()

   Dim MyPoint as new Point

   MyPoint.Id ="TIME"    ' Set the Id

   MyPoint.OnChange       ' Request the value on change

   MyPoint.GetNext        ' The current value is returned immediately.

   if MyPoint.GetNext(1000) then  ' Wait 1 second for the next value.

      MsgBox MyPoint.Value        ' Display the value.


      MsgBox "Timeout"            ' Point didn't change in one second.

   end if

end sub

See also

Point.OnChange (method); Point.OnTimed (method); Point.OnAlarm (method); Point.OnAlarmAck (method); Point.Cancel (method).

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