DDEInitiate (function)


DDEInitiate(application$, topic$)


Initializes a DDE link to another application and returns a unique number subsequently used to refer to the open DDE channel.


The DDEInitiate statement takes the following parameters:






String containing the name of the application (the server) with which a DDE conversation will be established.



String containing the name of the topic for the conversation. The possible values for this parameter are described in the documentation for the server application.


This function returns 0 if the link cannot be established. This will occur under any of the following circumstances:

The specified application is not running.

The topic was invalid for that application.

Memory or system resources are insufficient to establish the DDE link.


This example sets and retrieves a cell in an Excel spreadsheet.

Sub Main()

  Dim cmd,q,ch%

  q = Chr(34) ' Define quotation marks.


  id = Shell("c:\excel5\excel.exe",3) 'Start Excel.

  ch% = DDEInitiate("Excel","Sheet1")


  On Error Resume Next

  cmd = "[ACTIVATE(" & q &"SHEET1" & q & ")]" 'Activate worksheet.

  DDEExecute ch%,cmd


  DDEPoke ch%,"R1C1","$1000.00"   'Send value to cell.

  'Retrieve value and display.

  MsgBox "The value of Row 1, Cell 1 is: " & DDERequest(ch%,"R1C1")


  DDETerminate ch%

  Msgbox "Finished..."

End Sub

See Also

DDEExecute (statement); DDEPoke (statement); DDERequest, DDERequest$ (functions); DDESend (function); DDETerminate (statement); DDETerminateAll (statement); DDETimeout (statement).

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