DDETimeout (statement)


DDETimeout milliseconds


Sets the number of milliseconds that must elapse before any DDE command times out.


The milliseconds parameter is a Long and must be within the following range:

 0 <= milliseconds <= 2,147,483,647

The default is 10,000 (10 seconds).


This example sets and retrieves a cell in an Excel spreadsheet. The timeout has been set to wait 2 seconds for Excel to respond before timing out.

Sub Main()

  Dim cmd,q,ch%
  q = Chr(34) ' Define quotation marks.


  id = Shell("c:\excel5\excel.exe",3) 'Start Excel.
  ch% = DDEInitiate("Excel","Sheet1")
  DDETimeout 2000  'Wait 2 seconds for Excel to respond


  On Error Resume Next
  cmd = "[ACTIVATE(" & q &"SHEET1" & q & ")]" 'Activate worksheet.
  DDEExecute ch%,cmd


  DDEPoke ch%,"R1C1","$1000.00"   'Send value to cell.
  'Retrieve value and display.
  MsgBox "The value of Row 1, Cell 1 is: " & DDERequest(ch%,"R1C1")


  DDETerminate ch%
  Msgbox "Finished   "
End Sub

See Also

DDEExecute (statement); DDEInitiate (function); DDEPoke (statement); DDERequest, DDERequest$ (functions); DDESend (function); DDETerminate (statement); DDETerminateAll (statement).

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