Time, Time$ (statements)


Time[$] = newtime


Sets the system time to the time contained in the specified string.


The Time$ statement requires a string variable in one of the following formats:


where HH is between 0 and 23, MM is between 0 and 59, and SS is between 0 and 59.

The Time statement converts any valid expression to a time, including string and numeric values. Unlike the Time$ statement, Time recognizes many different time formats, including 12-hour times.


This example returns the system time and displays it in a dialog box.

Const crlf = Chr$(13) + Chr$(10)

Sub Main()
  oldtime$ = Time
  msg1 = "Time was: " & oldtime$ & crlf
  Time = "10:30:54"
  msg1 = msg1 & "Time set to: " & Time & crlf
  Time = oldtime$
  msg1 = msg1 & "Time restored to: " & Time
  MsgBox msg1
End Sub

See Also

Time, Time$ (statements); Date, Date$ (functions); Date, Date$ (statements); Now (function).


If you do not have permission to change the time, a runtime error 70 will be generated.

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