Alarm Look-Up Actions

An Alarm Look-Up action associates a list of point values and Alarm IDs to be acted upon when the value of the Point ID for the associated Event equals the point value in the configured Alarm Look-Up.

Important: The Event must be a Point event.

Click Edit.

The Alarm Look-Up for Action ID dialog box opens.

Fields are as follows.



Point Value

(Required) enter the value for the point that will cause the Alarm Action to occur.

Alarm Message

Enter the message text that will be associated with the generated alarm.

Alarm ID

(Required) enter the name of the CIMPLICITY Alarm ID for which the action will be taken.

Important: When you create the Alarm ID in the Alarm Definition dialog box, you must:

  1. Select $CIMBASIC in the Alarm type field.

  2. Enter one %s parameter in the Alarm message field to hold the Alarm Message defined for the Point Value.

Alarm Action

Action to be taken for the alarm. You can click the drop-down list button to the right of the input field and select the action from the list of available actions.

Log Event


Logs  the event in the Event Log when the selected alarm performs the selected alarm action.



Does not log the event for the selected alarm.

Resource ID

(Optional) Resource ID to be associated with the selected alarm.

Note: If you leave this field blank, $SYSTEM is used.

Text Point ID

Point ID for a text point.

Note: If you enter a text Point ID in this field, the point's value is set to the alarm message when the alarm action occurs.

More information

Step 4. Create an action.