Point Transition High Events

A Point Transition High Event occurs when value of the Digital type point identified in the Point ID field transitions to HIGH (that is, it changes value from 0 to 1).

The code explicitly runs the action for transition high (or transition low events) if the value was unavailable.



Point ID

ID of a point that will trigger this event when the point value transitions to HIGH.

If the point is an array point, you can specify the element that will trigger this event. To specify an element, append the index in brackets at the end of the Point ID (for example, ARRAY_PT[3]).

If you do not specify the element for an array point, the first element is assumed.


Opens the Point browser.


Displays Popup menu to create a new point, browse for or edit an existing point.



Enables the event.



Disables the event.

More information

Step 3.1. Create an event.