Step 2.4.3. Add a Common Folder for the Server/Viewer Synchronization


The 'COMMON' Viewer can contain folders that can deploy files to every viewer that:

Has read access to the shared folder on the deployment server.

Shares the common configuration file that includes the selected folder.

Do not have their own viewer name included in the configuration.

The folder name in the left pane (tree view) identifies the viewers' mapped drive that contains the source files.

  1. Expand Deployment Configuration>Viewers>'COMMON' Viewer in the CIMPLICITY Configuration Editor left pane.

  1. Select Folders.

Note: The Folders item has no parameters.

  1. Do one of the following.

Right-click Folders; select Add on the Popup menu.

Select Edit>Add on the CIMPLICITY Configuration Editor menu bar.

An Add configuration Object dialog box opens.

  1. Specify the following.


The UNC path to the deployment server folder that will contain source files.

Important: The viewer must have read-access to the shared folder.






Is the deployment server



Is the shared drive on the deployment server.




Select a folder.

Note: You can use a mapped drive. Every viewer using the 'COMMON' folder must have the same mapped drive.

  1. Click OK.

Result: CIMPLICITY deployment adds the folder to the 'COMMON' Viewer's list of folders in the CIMPLICITY Configuration Editor left pane.

More information

Step 2.4. Identify 'COMMON' Viewer parameters and folders.