About CimEdit

You are about to reap the benefits of using CimEdit, with its runtime partner, CimView. The object oriented graphics editing, CimEdit, and the runtime viewer, CimView, are easy to learn and easy to use. They blend industry standards with advanced interface designs to provide you with an intuitive package that lets you perform operations easily and naturally. Tight integration of all CIMPLICITY functionality makes system design, configuration, and operation simple. This package combines the power of CIMPLICITY software with the Windows user interface that you are used to, right out of the box —there is no complex set-up, installation, or programming to learn. Crisp graphics and smooth animation make CimEdit and CimView a pleasure to work with.

More information

Open CimEdit through the Workbench.

CimEdit configuration overview.

CimEdit workspace tools and object identifiers.

Preliminary layout.

Points, variables and expressions.

Linked objects.

Runtime movement and animation.

Events, procedures and scripts).

CimEdit global specifications.

ActiveX controls.

Text file format syntax.

CimEdit/CimView screen management.