3.3. Window to Zoom/Zoom to Fit

You can fit the CimEdit window to the screen size or the screen size to the window.

Fit window to zoom

Zoom to fit window

Fit Window to Zoom

Click the Window to Zoom button in the Home>Zoom group on the CimEdit Ribbon bar.

Result: The CimEdit window immediately expands or contracts to fit the workspace display size.


A CimEdit screen was much smaller than the window size. The window was zoomed to fit the screen.


The screen maintains its proportion and size.


The window is zoomed to fit the screen.

When the screen size is smaller than the CimEdit Ribbon bar, the CimEdit Ribbon bar is contracted or removed to accommodate the screen size.

Zoom to Fit Window

If you make the CimEdit window larger or smaller you can zoom the screen to fit the window.

Do one of the following.

Click the Zoom to Fit button in the Drawing>Zoom group on the CimEdit Ribbon bar.

Check to fit window on in the Zoom dialog box.

Result: If the window is smaller than the screen, the screen decreases to fit in the window.

If the window is larger, the screen increases to fit in the window.

In either case, screen retains its relative dimensions so the fit is the best fit.


A CimEdit screen has been zoomed to fit in its window.


The screen maintains its proportion when zoomed to its best fit in the CimEdit window.


The window (with a relative length/height that is longer than the screen's)  displays space around the screen

Note: When you re-open the CimEdit screen after using this zoom tool, it will re-open at a 100% zoom.

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3. CimEdit Screen display size.